Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014

Hello Family

So Pday was pretty good.  We all got together for a zone activity and played soccer, then we went to McDonalds and I got a Big Mac and two Chicken Sandwiches and it was pretty delicious. :)  After Pday, we taught Juanie.  She is always fun to visit.  It's interesting because on one hand she likes to visit with us and wants us to keep coming back and teaching her and she tells us she will read the Book of Mormon, but on the other hand she says she has her church that she already belongs to.  It's kind of funny because my companion and I know that she is progressing, but she doesn't know it.  :)  Then we had a lesson with the Familia Achukkaro.

Tuesday we had four lessons, the first one with the Familia Briotz.  The mom had a strange experience where she had a spirit come down and talk to her in a different tongue.  The spirit told her he was an angel, but she felt really very  weird and felt the spirit was the devil.  It is kind of crazy to hear about.  After the Briotz family, we talked to Hermana Jara and then the three of us went to talk to Belinda.  We watched the Restoration video with her and that was really spiritual.  We talked about how she can get her answer to all of her questions, she just has to want it like Joseph Smith did. Next we talked to the Family Vela and they are pretty cool.  They lived in Connecticut and so they speak English.  We have visited them before and the dad hasn't been there, but he was this day and so I was able to talk to him for like 20 minutes and he opened up to me quite a bit and it was pretty cool.  Last week it rained so much, and on Tuesday it was hailing and raining super hard, and there was even a tornado about twenty minutes away from me.  Pretty crazy.

Wednesday we had a division with Elder Machuachi.  He and I taught Angela, a sweet grandmother.  Then we taught Gladys, which is kind of hard because she doesn't really remember anything, but we still try to talk to her.  Then we taught the other Gladys.  Gladys #2 isn't a huge fan of the Book of Mormon, so when we teach her, we teach her a lot out of the Bible.  Next we talked to the Perez Family and they have a lot of  medical problems, and so it is extremely difficult for them to get to church.  It's sad because they want us to give them the sacrament, but we can't because they were inactive before their medical problems started.  So we need to get them back to church somehow so we can move forward with them.  Finally we met with Juanie and read the Book of Mormon with her. 

Thursday our zone went over to the area where the tornado had been and did service for six hours.  We were in knee deep water, and apparently one of the places that we did service had an electrical current in the water, but nobody was hurt, probably because we are missionaries, and so that was a blessing.   After our service, we just got home and my companion was showering, and we got a phone call from one of the members in our ward who's home has flooded.  They asked us to come help them, so of course we did.  After helping them, we had a really good lesson with Belinda.  Finally we had our International Comida (Food) activity, and I made tacos and everyone thought they were super good.  It was fun.  :)

Friday I woke up sick.  I am not all that surprised because Thursday we worked outside in the rain all day long, but it's all good because we worked really hard anyway.  Friday the weather was horrible, it was a downpour again, and I worked in soaked clothes for a good seven hours.  Friday we worked with the Briotz Family, Juanie, and the Family Achukarro.  Finally we went to the Lugo home and taught their daughter, Alicia.  She is a really nice lady and is scared to change her life, but we believe in time, she will accept the Gospel and want to join the church.
Saturday.. We talked to Guiermlo about him blessing the sacrament,  and he is super stoked for that.  Then we talked to Juani again.  Finally we went to the Family Achukarro's home and I got to play Tic Tac Toe with their daughter, Jaylee, and that was a lot of fun. :)

Sunday we went to church and then went to the Branch President's house and my companion cooked some Peruvian food, and it was pretty good, but it hurt really badly to swallow.  Next we went with the Elder's Quorum President to the Lugo's home to home teach them.  Then we had a lesson with the Monsen Family, and finally we met with the Bravo Family.  The dad needed to get some information off of the church website, so we taught him how to do that.  We did share Mosiah 2:41 with all of the families.  :)

Monday, today, we went to the mission office, bought some groceries, and now we are here at the cyber emailing you.  
Cleanup after the Tornado

 International Food Activity

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