Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014

Hello family and friends –

How are y’all doing today? :)

Monday-- So on p-day, we played some soccer and that was pretty sick.  I scored twice and I didn’t do too bad and won un poco (a little bit) so that was pretty sick.  Then we went and ate at Buen Sabor which is a restaurant that is pretty cheap (for like 15 mil so that’s like 5 mil) haha and then we emailed.  Then I went to Eva’s house and talked to her daughter who we are baptizing this week.  Then we talked to Ariel and that was pretty chill, nothing too crazy.

Tuesday.... We had a district meeting then we went to lunch with the dueno (owner) of our house and  that was pretty good. ;) Then we went to do Elder Gummersall’s district leader responsibilities and were at the ciber (cybercafé) for like 2.5 hours and that wasn't very fun :), but we started working at like 6 and went to Martinez and that was super dope (awesome) because the guy was just reactivated and was like, “Yeah I want you guys to come to the Temple when I go through for the first time.”  Then we went to Lorena’s for un poco (a little bit) and that was chill.  Then we went to our noche de hogar (Family Home Evening) and ate pizza and had passion fruit juice and that was pretty good.

Wednesday I literally did nothing.  I went on a division and we didn’t really teach anything.  I read a lot of stuff, but we didn’t do much.  We went to the ciber for a couple hours then went to a member’s house but nothing really more.

Thursday we set the goal to contact a little bit more because we didn’t have anyone to baptize.  So we went to lunch and I got some yucky juice with remedies, which is like drinking doTERRA straight -- I have a picture of the juice and it is pretty gnarly.  Then we ate crocodile and then we went and contacted a lot. Mom's note:  I find it interesting that he ate crocodile and was so non-chalant about it.  Then we went and found someone that we contacted and she became a nuevo (committed to baptism) and that was super chill. Then we contacted more, and then went to the Soto house and Adriana became a nuevo (committed to baptism) and she is super sick (awesome).  Then we went to Eva’s house and then we contacted more.

Friday we had weekly planning and then we went to lunch and that was pretty good. Then we went and talked to a guy named Mario and his brother and they became nuevos (committed to baptism) and that was super sick (awesome).  Then we went home and did language study and then we went out and went to the Florentine house.  Then we went to the Lopez house and taught one of their friends and it is sick because I feel like she will get baptized. Then we went to Eva’s house and then we went to Lorena’s house. 

Saturday we made lunch and talked to Galleano. We tried to contact.  We taught a lesson with 4 people and then we went to Rapheala Lopez’s house and then we went to the Selvaro family and it was pretty cool.

Sunday we had like 5 menos activos (less actives) in church and that was pretty sick.  Then we had lunch with the Fernandez family.  Then we talked to the aunt of Eva and to the Soto family and to Niko and then we talked to Eva and Fabiolla looked excited to get baptized on the 4th and that is super, super sick (awesome).  I am super stoked with that.  I was able to eat mangos on Sunday and they were pretty delicious.

Monday I played basketball and then we went and ate and now I am here.

Questions of the Week:

1.  What has been your biggest accomplishment this week and why?  
Fabiolla said that she would get baptized after working with her for about 3 months.

2. Who is your favorite investigator from this week and why?  
Probably Fabiolla because we are going to baptize her. 

3.  What has been your biggest challenge from this week and why?  
Just trying to get the numbers that we wanted 

4.  When did you feel The Spirit strongest this week? 
I bore my testimony to a lady who had a son just get in a gnarly accident and I felt the Spirit super strong.

5.  What was your most fun moment from this week?  
I ate crocodile.

6. What is your all-time favorite food ?  One you could eat over and over again? 

7.  What is your all-time favorite movie? One you could watch over and over again?  
Fight Club

Mom loves Pictures!!!

Children love Jon, and he is so good with them.

Jon let us know that there weren't many spices in Paraguay, and so we sent all of his favorites ...
and also candy for Easter.

Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014

Hello mother – how are you doing today?  ;) 

So Monday... Monday was a pretty chill day.  We didn’t do too much.  I went to the office picked up my letters from Brownie.  We went to Burger King with Elder Worshom and Elder Silva and two other Elders, but I don’t know their names.  It was super chill because I got to talk to other people.  Then we started a fast for the Temple. 

Tuesday we went to the Temple and that was pretty cool because I actually understood a good chunk of it. I understood and that was super cool because in the MTC I didn’t really understand all of it, but now I am good. ;) But I was sitting down and I tried to wink at one of the Elders and an Hermana was sitting right by him and I think she thought I was winking at her and that was pretty funny cause she giggled and it got super awkward.  Then we went to church and ate pizza and then went home and I was hanging out the door of the bus because there was no room haha. Then I had to go to the ciber (cybercafé)  and wait for Gumersall to finish downloading stuff, so we got out at like 6 and then went to Juanna’s house. Her son likes me a lot and I’m not sure why but that was pretty cool I guess haha. ;)  Then we went to Lorena’s house and taught her and Matias.  Then we went home and ate pizza. ;) 

Wednesday I had a division with Elder Eleffson and that was pretty cool.  We went to lunch and shared the “Feed My Sheep” scriptures from John 21 and then gave her an invitation for a 70 who is coming down. ;) Then we went to a girl who I am pretty sure her name is Romella but it is super cool cause she is super golden but she is Catholic and it is a little bit tough but it’s igual. :) Then we went to Moroni’s house and then we went to Lorena’s and that was pretty cool because her cousin took our Book of Mormon and just ran through it and started reading it a ton and that was super cool because we think he could get baptized. ;) Then we went to Eva’s and like got a triple lesson because her dad was there and was hammered and it was super funny. ;) 

Thursday I got a call that I am doing another division and that sucked because I had one that night but it was all good. So I go on that division and it was pretty cool – we did a lot of contacting.  ;) But we ran into a family and I felt the Spirit super strong because I bore my testimony about you, mother, and it got super emotional but it was all good because her mom was there too and is sick so it applied.  But then we went and talked to a guy who they are going to get baptized and I kinda just sat there. Then it rained super hard and that sucked because it flooded and was up to my knees and I didn’t have a change of clothes because it was not my house, so that blew (haha) but it was all good that I got that work in igual.

Friday.... We finished our division and then we were walking home and the zone leader said that we had to cancel our baptism because they didn’t go to church this last week and that was super, super stupid and Elder Gummersalll fought them hard on that.  Then we didn’t do much because we were kinda bummed.  So we went to the Lopez house and played Uno with them for un poco (a little bit) and then we went and got them interviewed and the 3 girls were cleared for baptism. ;) 

Saturday we had to do weekly planning and freaking then we had to invite people to give talks and then make a cake, and then talk to Moroni, and then invited people to the baptism.  It was pretty hectic, but we did it all except the cake – it burned, haha, which was super sad but it was (good) igual.  We got the 3 girls baptized.  I baptized the 13-year-old, Pamela, and Elder Gummersall baptized the 11-year-old and the mom, Romina and Liliana.  Then we went over to the Lopez family and drank mate dulce with them, which is warm sugar milk poured into coconut, and it was super good. Then we went home and slept. Haha

Sunday we had church and that was pretty sick.  We had 68 people in church 5 menos activos (less active members), and then we had a baptism of Moroni.  Then we had to take the clothes to Lopez and then we went to the Hill family after studies and were there for like 2 hours trying to get him on a mission.  Then we went home after we talked to drunk people that tried to hook us up with their 2 friends.  It was super funny. Haha

Monday we played soccer for a couple hours.  I am not very good at soccer, but I scored twice so that was cool.  Then I ate and now I am emailing y’all. ;) 


Okay here are the questions of the week:

1.  What was your most spiritual moment this week? 
When I was bearing my testimony to that one girl who was sick about how you are sick and that it is just a trial from God.  That was super, super sick.

2.  Who was your favorite person this week and why?  
Probably the drunk dad of Eva because he is super funny and says the best stuff, like he got robbed by a ghost in the street – hilarious! 

3.  What was your most exciting moment this week? 
I got 4 baptisms but I rode outside a collectivo (bus). 

4.  What was your most challenging moment this week?  
The zone leaders said that we couldn’t have our baptisms because they didn’t go to church last week. 

5.  What was a moment you had when you knew the Spirit was guiding you?  
When I was teaching a lesson on the division, I spoke really well and she totally understood me, where last week she didn’t. 

6.  If you were a super hero, who would you want to be and why? 
Batman because he is super rich and can get all the ladies. ;) 

7.  What is your favorite color? 

Temple Pictures

 Lopez Baptism

Moroni's Baptism

 Random Pictures

Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014

Hello mother,  how are you doing this fine week? :)  I have had a good week.  Here is my re-cap.

Monday was pretty sick (awesome), we played soccer with the Latinos for a little bit and that was pretty fun.  I realized I am not that horrible. HaHa.  After p-day we went to a member's, Eva's, house and chilled with them.

Tuesday we had a division and it was pretty chill.  We started out at district meeting and then switched and I went on a division with Elder Yauney. We kicked it at my house for un poco (a little bit) for studies then we made a carrot cake and that was pretty dank (awesome).  Then we took the dirty clothes to the Lopez family and that was cool cause we got to teach the dad and the daughter who are less active. Then we went and contacted a random lady and she was pretty chill and said that she would read the Book of Mormon. She didn't really understand me because I have a little accent,  but I was able to speak a little. Then we went to a less active person's home and it was one of the funniest lessons ever because I took my Zone Leader there to try to convince the guy who lives there to go to church. So my Zone Leader starts to like talk a little heat on the guy and it turns out to be a fight. They are just like yelling in Spanish and that was super, super funny because he said "You need to go to church are you perfect". Then the guy was like "Yep, I'm perfect, I have no sins,"  and that made my Zone Leader mad.  The less active member then said "I'll go to church in three weeks, but I don't like you," to my Zone Leader, and then he walked out of the room.  What made it even more funny is that after that, we went to a noche de hogar (family home evening) and they taught a lesson about the great and spacious building and how we shouldn't give in to temptation.  It was perfect after what just happened.  We then ate the carrot cake, and they all liked it.

Wednesday we switched back to our companions, and then we studied and were tranquillo for un poco (chill for a little bit).  Then we left the house and tried to find some girl that is named Ja Encanto, and we couldn't find her.  :) Then we went and talked to the family Soto, and they didn't really want to  talk to us so we talked to the girlfriend of the one son. He is 20 and she is 15 and they have been dating for 5 years, which is crazy but we talked to her and she said that she wants to get baptized but she can't because her mom wont let her. Then we went to Eva's house and her husband came home early and said that he will think about letting us baptize their daughters and that was pretty sick. Then we went home.

Thursday we had lunch with the Lopez family and then we went to visit the Galleano family.  The Galleano dad said he wants to go back to church but we think he is kind of just saying what we want to hear, so we are thinking we might need to drop them for a bit, which is sad.  Then we went to Moroni's and he is super super stoked to get baptized,  like super, super stoked,  so that is cool to look forward to. Then we went to visit the family Florentine, who we are going to get baptized and that was super cool because we stayed there for like three hours, which is a lot longer than we should have, but the dad said that he is gonna go to church and that he might wanna get baptized so that was a huge blessing. 

Friday, we talked to Juanna and that was pretty chill then we talked to the Martinez family and that was pretty chill because they are going to get reactivated. Then we went to see the Florentine family and that was pretty cool, because we have finished the lessons so they are ready for baptismo.  Then we went to see Eva and talked to her again. Then we went to visit Ariel, and that was hard because he hasn't been released from being a missionary and he has been home for two months.  Apparently no one cares for the Stake President and they don't have a lot of faith in him because his wife fights him until her tells her all the things that are happening in the stake, like all the private stuff. Ariel said that the Stake President suspends people's memberships because they don't shake his hand.  Ariel is confusing because he wants us to baptize his family, but he doesn't really want to be active and involved in the church. Oh and I ate liver, I think. :)

Saturday we had lunch with the bishop we ate milanesa and sausage and that was super good. After that we talked to a lady named Maria and she said she would get baptized.  Then we talked to Moroni and then to the Martinez family.  After that we talked to the Silvero family and that was pretty cool because they gave us "Mormon legal" soja coffee.  Then we went and talked to Grandma Isla, our recent convert, and she is super excited about the gospel and is trying to get her nephew and all her family baptized.

Sunday was Stake Conference which was cool, but very different than our home ward because people actually show up. Haha. Afterward we went to visit the Martinez family and we talked to Eve and Juanna. 

Well, its time to go. ;) I love you mom I will take a lot of pictures this week to send to you. I am going to the Temple and am fasting for you and dad and the family! :) 

Love you guys!

Elder Turley

Questions of the Week from Mom

What had been your biggest success this week?.. We were able to get to two of the dads that we didn't think that we would get to get baptized to commit to baptism, so that is pretty sick, and we could even have three more baptisms because we are really being blessed.

Who has been your favorite person this week and why? Grandma Ilsa. She has a super big spirit, and really wants to baptize her family 

What has been your biggest challenge this week? i haven't really had that many challenges this week 

What has been your biggest concern this week?  Is there anything we can do to help you, pray, etc?  One of the girls that we thought was going to get baptized doesn't understand why she has to be baptized be cause she was baptized as a baby, but she goes to Seminary and is like super golden, so please pray for her.

What are you looking forward to in the coming week? Tell me all about it? I have 4 baptisms next week so I am looking forward to that a ton. ;)

Did you have a time when you listened to the Spirit this week, and if so what happened? I had several times when a certain scripture would pop into my mind just when I needed it. 

 Pictures of Jon's Missionary Badge!


Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014

Hello family. 

So this week has been super chill and General Conference was amazing. One thing that I really liked and caught my attention is that we will always have struggles, but if we set our faith on Christ, we can get through them no matter what.

Here’s my week’s recap: 

Monday was a good day.  We went to the all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet, and then we bought a cake and took it to Moroni – he is the kid we are going to baptize – because it was his birthday.  After that we went to see the family Lopez and took our laundry to them.  They are a member family who love helping the missionaries, and they actually do our laundry.  While I was talking to them, they said I am getting better at Spanish, so that made me feel good. 

Tuesday, we had a District Meeting in the morning (Jon’s companion is his District Leader), and they make me sing at the meetings and I don’t know how to sing, so I don’t know why they make me do it.  (Side Note:  For some reason, the singing gene did not make it to the Will Turley family).  After District Meeting we went over to Moroni’s house and ate the cake we bought him for his birthday, and taught him some more.  While we were there, his sister called us a bad word, which I think I know what it was, but I’m not sure.  Anyway, it was kind of funny.  After Moroni’s, we went to Ariel’s house and had dinner with he and his family (hot dogs), and then taught them a lesson.

Wednesday we had lunch with the Yurt Family, a member family from our ward, and it was really good.  After that, we went to visit the Martinez family and that was so cool to talk to her because she is actually going to General Conference.  Next, we talked to a menos activo (less active) who’s name is Juana and her son.  It was a really good meeting.  Her son had a gnarly (really bad) accident, but because of it he wants to come back to church because he has learned that “life is better with Jesus on your side.”

Thursday, had lunch with the Lopez Family.  After lunch, we walked around for hours.  We had a lesson later that night with Lorena and also with Matias and Ilsa. 

Friday I got sick with the stomach flu.  I slept during the morning, and then we went to lunch, although I didn’t eat because my stomach was super sick.  After that we talked to the Florentine Family and to Moroni.  We tried to talk with Ariel and his family, but they hid from us which was super disappointing.

Saturday we went to a menos activo (less active) family’s house and had a good meeting with them.  After that, we went to the church and listened to Conference.  I couldn’t really see any of it, but I heard it in English and that was awesome.  I really liked Elder Holland’s talk about how we are going to be tried because we are Mormons.  It really is true. J

Sunday we watched Conference at the church all day.  I bought some Mentos and some Pringles as my “conference snacks.”  After Conference, we had to walk home because the bus was full.  Unlike Salt Lake, and even Newport, walking home from church takes a long time because it is like five miles away.  It seemed to go on forever, but we finally got home.  We had twelve in-actives in church to watch Conference, so that was super dope (amazing)!  I really like Elder Uchtdorf’s talk about how we need to be grateful even when we are having problems in our lives.   Conference really was amazing and I enjoyed watching and hearing it. 

Today I played soccer with the Latino missionaries, and did pretty well.  I also bought a cool silver tie clip.  Silver is super cheap down here, so if you want anything, let me know.

I want you to know that I know that the church is crazy true.  I also want everyone to know that if they need help with anything, that I am always here to talk, just write to me.

I love you all,

Elder Turley 

Mom's Side Note:  So there are monkeys all over in Paraguay, and a lot of them are actually people's pets.  Jon sent me this random picture of a monkey on a wall.  

I am on a Facebook Page called Missionary Moms of the Paraguay Asuncion North Mission, and so we all post our pictures on that page when we get them.  After I posted this picture, I learned that almost all of the missionaries have a "monkey" picture.  

One of the moms, Alicia Cowger, suggested we put all the monkeys together in a picture and have it be the cover photo for our Facebook page.  We all agreed, so she put them together and this is what our cover picture looks like.  It's amazing what one little picture will spur. :)