Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014

Hola Parents, so ya this week was interesante!

This week was super interesting I got a new comp and it was a little bit difficult because it was like training this kid from 0 -- like he doesn't even have the MTC training -- so it was a little hard but we are working on it.  He is a good guy and has a good amount of desire to be here.. so it's super good. :)

But this week has been super good, a little bit interesting.   I am feeling good, my nose is still pretty much wrecked,  but it's all good, it's just a little bit of allergies, nothing too cool. ;) But I happy.  I am going to send some photos this week because I know how much you love them.. ;)  I don't really have much to say, we had a good three people at church this week and we have five baptisms on the 11th, and that is going to be super intense.  It's been a long time since I had a baptism, so I am super stoked. ;) It's all chill.  I am getting along with my comp, and we are about to have a bunch of success and I will see how it goes this next change. ;)

But ya, I don't really have that much to say because we just worked hard this week.  It has gotten hot and that kinda sucks, but all the cockroaches are dying, so I guess that I have that going for me, so it's all good. :) By the way, I don't  have any cockroaches in my house so it's all good. :). I am super excited to see what this transfer brings and to see what The Lord has in store for us in this area.  I feel like I will be able to do good things here. :)

I love y'all and know that The Lord is preparing the people for us and that we just need to find those people "who are only brought from the truth because they know not where to find it."

I love the mission and I know that I am where I am for a reason and that I have a great work to do here.

Elder Turley

 Jon with his Branch President -- he's only 23!

I love how he's leaning away from the girl in this pictures ... way to be a missionary, Jon!!!

 One of the mom's on the Facebook page ... Missionary Moms of the Paraguay Asuncion North Mission posted this picture of the Elders at the "Cyber" (where they go every week to email us).  I was excited to see Jon in the picture ... He's on the row to the right, middle person!!!  You can see from his expression how happy he is to be emailing me!  :)

I love this picture.  I hope he comes home knowing how to play the Harp!!!

Jon with his "Trainer" now "Zone Leader"  Elder Jace Gummersall!

Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014

Hola Familia,

So I'm just going to assume that you want my messages to be like this from now on, right?  More about what I am doing and less about every person I am meeting.

I am doing fine, my week was pretty good.  It was a bit sad "killing my kid" (missionary slang for sending home his greenie), but you know it's all good.  Honestly, I got a little trunky when he was going home.  I was like "Oh fetch, I could be home right now if I wanted to," but it's all good, I'm still here and going strong so "igual no mas".   My greenie was a chill kid, I really liked him as a comp and was sad that he went home.  But it was important for him to go and it was also nice to get to know him and I am hoping he will be able to come back.   My new comp is Elder Jones for a couple of days, so it is like a really long division.  Elder Jones is from Utah and he came out with me, so that was really cool. 

This week was good, I have been good physically and spiritually.  I have had to rely a lot on the Spirit this week in telling me where to go and how I need to do the things that I need to do, but it has been good.  Yesterday was kind of hard because we walked around for like five hours trying to find a house and never found it.  Saturday was awesome because we had a member and we were able to use him for our lessons, and now I know that area pretty well and it is "super dope" (very amazing) because it is an area with a lot of people that want to get baptized, so I am going to work this area "a fool" (like crazy).  

So my new companion is going to be Hermano Franco.  He is not a missionary, but is a local member.  I will be able to tell you more about him next week, but it for sure is a blessing because we get to use him to speak to the investigators who only know Guarani, so that is going to help a lot!  We were supposed to have some baptisms this week, but we are going to push them to October to make sure we have all of them coming to church regularly. We have a lot of people that we can talk to and a lot of people who are getting prepared to get baptized, my biggest struggle is finding out where they actually live.  Haha!

I am stoked (very happy) to be here.  I am going to learn a little bit more of Guarani, and I hope that I am going to know what I need to do to learn my area and to be able to train another "kid" (greenie)  here if that is what I am asked to do. 

I love y'all and I am so glad to be a part of this family, and to be in this mission!  I am so stoked (grateful) for all the support that I have had.  You guys are the best and I absolutely love y'all!

Love Elder Turley

Oh ya, have Elder DeBrine hit me up!

September 15, 2014

Hello parents, So this week is going to be a little different.  I won't be really writing like what I did every day, but I will get an email off to y'all.
So this week was pretty eventful.  I got changes and that was pretty cool.  I was told that I was going to finish the training of an Elder in Luque.  That was pretty cool and I was super excited that President trusts me enough to shape a kid's mission, so that was exciting.  My "kid's" name is Elder Jauriegi (or something like that), and he is from Peru.  He is a super cool kid ... but the sad thing is that he is going home this week.  From what he has told me, he got his identity stolen in Peru and he has to go back and fix everything up or else he will end up in jail, because whomever stole his identity is doing illegal stuff with it.  So that was pretty sad because it turns out my kid is a "homie" (brother) and we get along super well.  But yeah, I "killed" my first kid (killed is missionary slang for "sent home"), and that's sad, but I hope that I am going to get another "kid" (missionary slang for greenie) next change and that I will train again.  :)  As of right now, I'm not sure who I will get in the meantime, but I heard it might be an Elder who doesn't like to leave the house -- but that's fine because in my Patriarchal Blessing, it says that I will have the opportunity to help those who need to be brought up again, so I'm not really scared, but it could be a little bit hard at first ... but no big deal.  

So this week was pretty "dope" (awesome).  I can't tell you all of whom we visited because I am not really sure, but I know we visited people we are going to baptize in the future, and so that was pretty cool.  We have like a good eight people that appear ready for baptism, so that's good.  Apparently I worked super hard in Cocuere so that I could get baptisms here in Luque, haha, God is good and I believe he is blessing me.  :)  It's super cool to have the excitement of baptizing again.  It feels super good. :)  The next week will be interesting because my area is really big and I'm going to have to know it all by the time my "kid" goes home.  I don't know if I can do it, but I am going to try. :)
So Mom, you asked me if I know my District Leader.  Yep, I know him super well.  He is Elder Mcllelland and he is one of my best friends in the Mission.  My Zone Leader is none other than Elder Gummersall, my "Father" (missionary slang for the person who trained Jon) ... so I am going to have a good change because I already know my leaders really well.  It is going to be dope (awesome) because I am really close to some really good friends in this area, so that is going to be super sick (wonderful) because I am going to see Mcllelland and Frost a lot, and they are super cool, and I will probably have at least one division with Elder Gummersall, so I will be able to teach with him again which will be really cool because I am going to know how to teach and to speak in Spanish ... I am really excited for this change, and I am hoping I will be able to do some good things!

So to answer your questions, mom, I know my Mission President a little bit, there are a lot of missionaries.  The AP's know me and know that I know the scriptures super well, so that's good.  :)  I do know Elder Day, he is one of the AP's and he is a really cool guy.  My Spanish has improved a lot and a lot of people have noticed that I am speaking very well for only being out eight months, so that's super good. :)   

So my new house is alright.  It's bigger than my old one, and my landlord is super dope (awesome) and super nice.  My area is more like an open field and mountains, dirt roads and stuff.  We walk like an hour to get from house to house for lessons, so that is new.  Haha.  I'm like ten minutes from the city.  Where I am kind of reminds me of Idaho.  

At the transfer meeting, I had a meeting to go over all the rules of being a trainer, and I got to eat lunch with all the trainers, so that was cool.  :)

So today I am going bowling with my Zone and so I can only do about half of my time on the computer.  I will try and get the other half done a little later today.  If I didn't answer all your questions, let me know and I will be happy to answer them when I am done.  :)

With much love Elder Turley

Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8, 2014

Hello Parents -- this is my week :)

Monday .. we went to Shangrilah, a Chinese buffet, and ate and that was super good. :) Then we went to the cyber, talked a little bit, went home and also shopped for groceries.  Then I got my hair cut,  and we talked to the family Achukurro and I felt like I kinda got into him a little bit, so I am hoping the dad will open up more to us, so it was a good day.

Tuesday ... we had our district meeting, ate lunch, went to our other side of the area and talked with the Hermana Jara and taught one of her friends Lesson One.  Then we talked to a guy while we were contacting, and my comp got into a bible bash.  The guy believed that God isn't our Father, and the only way we can receive the Spirit is to find a believer and have him pray to God for us --  because if we don't have faith God won't listen.  Then we talked to Matias and he wants to get baptized, he is just scared ... but we are working on them. :)

Wednesday ... we taught the Hermana Martinez (after working hard to connect with her) about how we have the church and why.  Then we talked to Gladys and her mom,and they love us.  Then we contacted into three lessons where we shared Bible scriptures.  Finally we talked to Juannie and shared a little bit with her, but nothing too cool. :)

Thursday ... was slow.  We taught Belinda and were in her house for a long time because we cooked and ate -- it was pretty sweet!  I cooked tacos and my comp baked cookies. :)  After, we had Ward Council.  We are really struggling to have a strong Branch, and it's hard but we are going to work it out. 

Friday ... we went out and taught a Chiquita (little girl) a scripture.  Then  we taught Maria, and the Family Briotz fed us and that was pretty cool.  We ate millenasa, which is kinda like chicken fried steak.  Overall it was a good day ... pretty tranquillo. :)

Saturday ... I had a division with my District Leader, Elder Davilla where we went out and taught the Briotz family, Gladys, and  the  Achukurro family.  It was kind of a difficult day because it rained pretty hard, but it's all good because I was still able to get work done.  

Sunday ... At church our investigator, Maria, came and said she liked it a lot and that she will come back. :). We also had two menos activos (less actives) come, so we had a little bit better than most Sundays.  :) After church, we had our lunch, then went out and contacted.  We talked to a girl named Flora about how she can know if God exists (Alma 22).  Then her friend walked in and started "dropping Cain" (yelling) on us.  Then we talked to the Achukurro family,  and they are dealing with a lot of things that I don't think I can solve, but am determined to do with the help of the Bishop.

Mom, here is a paragraph about my week like you asked.   The mission is going well.  We get changes tomorrow, and I think that i am out of my area.  It kind of makes me sad because there are so many people in this area who need help, but they don't really seem to want to help themselves.  But I know if I leave it's for a reason and if I stay it's for a reason.  I kind of have a feeling I will be "training", but I am not gonna bet on it. So ya. I get a long with my comp, he has a little OCD and so I have to really pay attention to what I do in our house because I don't want to annoy him.  But it's all good.  It is Winter here, but it didn't really feel like winter, it got cold for a quick second, but then it got better.

I love and miss you,  and hope that you like this letter. :) 

Elder Turley

Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1, 2014

So this week was a good week kinda slow nothing really to cool happened.

Monday.. So Monday we went out and did our p-day stuff,  played soccer and went to the museum, nothing too cool.  Then we went out contacting and ran into a barber and talked to him for like 2 hours nothing too cool.  Even though we worked with him so long, he didn't seem to understand, but igual no mas, it's okay. 

Tuesday... On Tuesday we had our district meeting, then we went to Belinda's house and were there for a good two hours talking about everything.  I feel like they are progressing, but we haven't been able to get them to come to church yet, but we will, it's all good.  Then we went to see Hermana Jara and shared some scriptures with her.  Nothing too exciting happened, but it was a good day.

Wednesday.. We had lunch then we went out and worked a fool (a lot) and only got three lessons.  We talked to Angela in the morning and then we talked to Gladys and shared a little bit with her and her mom.  Next we taught the Familia Achukarro.  ;) 

Thursday.. We talked to Aracelli and shared a little bit of the Bible with her. Then we met with Hermana Jara and her daughter.  They fed us some of their "tortilla" which is pretty much eggs, flour, and cheese all fried together.  It was pretty good. :) Finally we finished our day talking to the Familia Achukkaro.  ;) 

Friday We talked to Maria.  Our "golden" investigator has apparently fallen from "golden" but it;s all good.  She told us that she believes that the LDS way to get baptized is the right way, the problem is we can't get her to go to church, so we are working on that.  Then we talked to Jonny, a guy we contacted.  He is cool, but doesn't live in our area, so that was kind of sad.  Then we talked to Aracelli again -- we were trying to find her mom, but still haven't been able to which is kind of sad -- but we shared a lesson with her and so that was good.  :) 

Saturday. We went to the other side of our area and contacted into a good "lesson two" who seemed pretty prepared to hear us, so hopefully we can progress with her. Then we talked to Anna, a girl we contacted in to.   Next we talked to the Flia Binitez Family a little bit taught them.  Then we met with Hermana Elisa, and she is pretty cool.  We shared a scripture with her and her mom (who isn't a member), and they asked us weird questions like "Why do Mormons have doors on the side of their church", and stuff like that which was super weird.  Haha. 

Sunday. We went to church and then did our studies.  Then we went to Jasmine's house and taught her.  After that we were walking, and a guy talked to us and asked me if I had a "chip" inside of me and if Obama was tracking me.  It was pretty funny.  Haha!  Then we met with the Family Achukarro and let them know we were disappointed that they didn't go to church.  They know they need to go, and that they need to shape up. :)

Monday.. We went to lunch with Elder Frost, Elder McClleland, Elder Cantero, and Elder Davilla, and now I am here writing to y'all.  It's been a pretty tranquillo day.