Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1, 2014

So this week was a good week kinda slow nothing really to cool happened.

Monday.. So Monday we went out and did our p-day stuff,  played soccer and went to the museum, nothing too cool.  Then we went out contacting and ran into a barber and talked to him for like 2 hours nothing too cool.  Even though we worked with him so long, he didn't seem to understand, but igual no mas, it's okay. 

Tuesday... On Tuesday we had our district meeting, then we went to Belinda's house and were there for a good two hours talking about everything.  I feel like they are progressing, but we haven't been able to get them to come to church yet, but we will, it's all good.  Then we went to see Hermana Jara and shared some scriptures with her.  Nothing too exciting happened, but it was a good day.

Wednesday.. We had lunch then we went out and worked a fool (a lot) and only got three lessons.  We talked to Angela in the morning and then we talked to Gladys and shared a little bit with her and her mom.  Next we taught the Familia Achukarro.  ;) 

Thursday.. We talked to Aracelli and shared a little bit of the Bible with her. Then we met with Hermana Jara and her daughter.  They fed us some of their "tortilla" which is pretty much eggs, flour, and cheese all fried together.  It was pretty good. :) Finally we finished our day talking to the Familia Achukkaro.  ;) 

Friday We talked to Maria.  Our "golden" investigator has apparently fallen from "golden" but it;s all good.  She told us that she believes that the LDS way to get baptized is the right way, the problem is we can't get her to go to church, so we are working on that.  Then we talked to Jonny, a guy we contacted.  He is cool, but doesn't live in our area, so that was kind of sad.  Then we talked to Aracelli again -- we were trying to find her mom, but still haven't been able to which is kind of sad -- but we shared a lesson with her and so that was good.  :) 

Saturday. We went to the other side of our area and contacted into a good "lesson two" who seemed pretty prepared to hear us, so hopefully we can progress with her. Then we talked to Anna, a girl we contacted in to.   Next we talked to the Flia Binitez Family a little bit taught them.  Then we met with Hermana Elisa, and she is pretty cool.  We shared a scripture with her and her mom (who isn't a member), and they asked us weird questions like "Why do Mormons have doors on the side of their church", and stuff like that which was super weird.  Haha. 

Sunday. We went to church and then did our studies.  Then we went to Jasmine's house and taught her.  After that we were walking, and a guy talked to us and asked me if I had a "chip" inside of me and if Obama was tracking me.  It was pretty funny.  Haha!  Then we met with the Family Achukarro and let them know we were disappointed that they didn't go to church.  They know they need to go, and that they need to shape up. :)

Monday.. We went to lunch with Elder Frost, Elder McClleland, Elder Cantero, and Elder Davilla, and now I am here writing to y'all.  It's been a pretty tranquillo day.

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