Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8, 2014

Hello Parents -- this is my week :)

Monday .. we went to Shangrilah, a Chinese buffet, and ate and that was super good. :) Then we went to the cyber, talked a little bit, went home and also shopped for groceries.  Then I got my hair cut,  and we talked to the family Achukurro and I felt like I kinda got into him a little bit, so I am hoping the dad will open up more to us, so it was a good day.

Tuesday ... we had our district meeting, ate lunch, went to our other side of the area and talked with the Hermana Jara and taught one of her friends Lesson One.  Then we talked to a guy while we were contacting, and my comp got into a bible bash.  The guy believed that God isn't our Father, and the only way we can receive the Spirit is to find a believer and have him pray to God for us --  because if we don't have faith God won't listen.  Then we talked to Matias and he wants to get baptized, he is just scared ... but we are working on them. :)

Wednesday ... we taught the Hermana Martinez (after working hard to connect with her) about how we have the church and why.  Then we talked to Gladys and her mom,and they love us.  Then we contacted into three lessons where we shared Bible scriptures.  Finally we talked to Juannie and shared a little bit with her, but nothing too cool. :)

Thursday ... was slow.  We taught Belinda and were in her house for a long time because we cooked and ate -- it was pretty sweet!  I cooked tacos and my comp baked cookies. :)  After, we had Ward Council.  We are really struggling to have a strong Branch, and it's hard but we are going to work it out. 

Friday ... we went out and taught a Chiquita (little girl) a scripture.  Then  we taught Maria, and the Family Briotz fed us and that was pretty cool.  We ate millenasa, which is kinda like chicken fried steak.  Overall it was a good day ... pretty tranquillo. :)

Saturday ... I had a division with my District Leader, Elder Davilla where we went out and taught the Briotz family, Gladys, and  the  Achukurro family.  It was kind of a difficult day because it rained pretty hard, but it's all good because I was still able to get work done.  

Sunday ... At church our investigator, Maria, came and said she liked it a lot and that she will come back. :). We also had two menos activos (less actives) come, so we had a little bit better than most Sundays.  :) After church, we had our lunch, then went out and contacted.  We talked to a girl named Flora about how she can know if God exists (Alma 22).  Then her friend walked in and started "dropping Cain" (yelling) on us.  Then we talked to the Achukurro family,  and they are dealing with a lot of things that I don't think I can solve, but am determined to do with the help of the Bishop.

Mom, here is a paragraph about my week like you asked.   The mission is going well.  We get changes tomorrow, and I think that i am out of my area.  It kind of makes me sad because there are so many people in this area who need help, but they don't really seem to want to help themselves.  But I know if I leave it's for a reason and if I stay it's for a reason.  I kind of have a feeling I will be "training", but I am not gonna bet on it. So ya. I get a long with my comp, he has a little OCD and so I have to really pay attention to what I do in our house because I don't want to annoy him.  But it's all good.  It is Winter here, but it didn't really feel like winter, it got cold for a quick second, but then it got better.

I love and miss you,  and hope that you like this letter. :) 

Elder Turley

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