Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014

Hello mother,  how are you doing this fine week? :)  I have had a good week.  Here is my re-cap.

Monday was pretty sick (awesome), we played soccer with the Latinos for a little bit and that was pretty fun.  I realized I am not that horrible. HaHa.  After p-day we went to a member's, Eva's, house and chilled with them.

Tuesday we had a division and it was pretty chill.  We started out at district meeting and then switched and I went on a division with Elder Yauney. We kicked it at my house for un poco (a little bit) for studies then we made a carrot cake and that was pretty dank (awesome).  Then we took the dirty clothes to the Lopez family and that was cool cause we got to teach the dad and the daughter who are less active. Then we went and contacted a random lady and she was pretty chill and said that she would read the Book of Mormon. She didn't really understand me because I have a little accent,  but I was able to speak a little. Then we went to a less active person's home and it was one of the funniest lessons ever because I took my Zone Leader there to try to convince the guy who lives there to go to church. So my Zone Leader starts to like talk a little heat on the guy and it turns out to be a fight. They are just like yelling in Spanish and that was super, super funny because he said "You need to go to church are you perfect". Then the guy was like "Yep, I'm perfect, I have no sins,"  and that made my Zone Leader mad.  The less active member then said "I'll go to church in three weeks, but I don't like you," to my Zone Leader, and then he walked out of the room.  What made it even more funny is that after that, we went to a noche de hogar (family home evening) and they taught a lesson about the great and spacious building and how we shouldn't give in to temptation.  It was perfect after what just happened.  We then ate the carrot cake, and they all liked it.

Wednesday we switched back to our companions, and then we studied and were tranquillo for un poco (chill for a little bit).  Then we left the house and tried to find some girl that is named Ja Encanto, and we couldn't find her.  :) Then we went and talked to the family Soto, and they didn't really want to  talk to us so we talked to the girlfriend of the one son. He is 20 and she is 15 and they have been dating for 5 years, which is crazy but we talked to her and she said that she wants to get baptized but she can't because her mom wont let her. Then we went to Eva's house and her husband came home early and said that he will think about letting us baptize their daughters and that was pretty sick. Then we went home.

Thursday we had lunch with the Lopez family and then we went to visit the Galleano family.  The Galleano dad said he wants to go back to church but we think he is kind of just saying what we want to hear, so we are thinking we might need to drop them for a bit, which is sad.  Then we went to Moroni's and he is super super stoked to get baptized,  like super, super stoked,  so that is cool to look forward to. Then we went to visit the family Florentine, who we are going to get baptized and that was super cool because we stayed there for like three hours, which is a lot longer than we should have, but the dad said that he is gonna go to church and that he might wanna get baptized so that was a huge blessing. 

Friday, we talked to Juanna and that was pretty chill then we talked to the Martinez family and that was pretty chill because they are going to get reactivated. Then we went to see the Florentine family and that was pretty cool, because we have finished the lessons so they are ready for baptismo.  Then we went to see Eva and talked to her again. Then we went to visit Ariel, and that was hard because he hasn't been released from being a missionary and he has been home for two months.  Apparently no one cares for the Stake President and they don't have a lot of faith in him because his wife fights him until her tells her all the things that are happening in the stake, like all the private stuff. Ariel said that the Stake President suspends people's memberships because they don't shake his hand.  Ariel is confusing because he wants us to baptize his family, but he doesn't really want to be active and involved in the church. Oh and I ate liver, I think. :)

Saturday we had lunch with the bishop we ate milanesa and sausage and that was super good. After that we talked to a lady named Maria and she said she would get baptized.  Then we talked to Moroni and then to the Martinez family.  After that we talked to the Silvero family and that was pretty cool because they gave us "Mormon legal" soja coffee.  Then we went and talked to Grandma Isla, our recent convert, and she is super excited about the gospel and is trying to get her nephew and all her family baptized.

Sunday was Stake Conference which was cool, but very different than our home ward because people actually show up. Haha. Afterward we went to visit the Martinez family and we talked to Eve and Juanna. 

Well, its time to go. ;) I love you mom I will take a lot of pictures this week to send to you. I am going to the Temple and am fasting for you and dad and the family! :) 

Love you guys!

Elder Turley

Questions of the Week from Mom

What had been your biggest success this week?.. We were able to get to two of the dads that we didn't think that we would get to get baptized to commit to baptism, so that is pretty sick, and we could even have three more baptisms because we are really being blessed.

Who has been your favorite person this week and why? Grandma Ilsa. She has a super big spirit, and really wants to baptize her family 

What has been your biggest challenge this week? i haven't really had that many challenges this week 

What has been your biggest concern this week?  Is there anything we can do to help you, pray, etc?  One of the girls that we thought was going to get baptized doesn't understand why she has to be baptized be cause she was baptized as a baby, but she goes to Seminary and is like super golden, so please pray for her.

What are you looking forward to in the coming week? Tell me all about it? I have 4 baptisms next week so I am looking forward to that a ton. ;)

Did you have a time when you listened to the Spirit this week, and if so what happened? I had several times when a certain scripture would pop into my mind just when I needed it. 

 Pictures of Jon's Missionary Badge!


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