Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014

Hello mother – how are you doing today?  ;) 

So Monday... Monday was a pretty chill day.  We didn’t do too much.  I went to the office picked up my letters from Brownie.  We went to Burger King with Elder Worshom and Elder Silva and two other Elders, but I don’t know their names.  It was super chill because I got to talk to other people.  Then we started a fast for the Temple. 

Tuesday we went to the Temple and that was pretty cool because I actually understood a good chunk of it. I understood and that was super cool because in the MTC I didn’t really understand all of it, but now I am good. ;) But I was sitting down and I tried to wink at one of the Elders and an Hermana was sitting right by him and I think she thought I was winking at her and that was pretty funny cause she giggled and it got super awkward.  Then we went to church and ate pizza and then went home and I was hanging out the door of the bus because there was no room haha. Then I had to go to the ciber (cybercafé)  and wait for Gumersall to finish downloading stuff, so we got out at like 6 and then went to Juanna’s house. Her son likes me a lot and I’m not sure why but that was pretty cool I guess haha. ;)  Then we went to Lorena’s house and taught her and Matias.  Then we went home and ate pizza. ;) 

Wednesday I had a division with Elder Eleffson and that was pretty cool.  We went to lunch and shared the “Feed My Sheep” scriptures from John 21 and then gave her an invitation for a 70 who is coming down. ;) Then we went to a girl who I am pretty sure her name is Romella but it is super cool cause she is super golden but she is Catholic and it is a little bit tough but it’s igual. :) Then we went to Moroni’s house and then we went to Lorena’s and that was pretty cool because her cousin took our Book of Mormon and just ran through it and started reading it a ton and that was super cool because we think he could get baptized. ;) Then we went to Eva’s and like got a triple lesson because her dad was there and was hammered and it was super funny. ;) 

Thursday I got a call that I am doing another division and that sucked because I had one that night but it was all good. So I go on that division and it was pretty cool – we did a lot of contacting.  ;) But we ran into a family and I felt the Spirit super strong because I bore my testimony about you, mother, and it got super emotional but it was all good because her mom was there too and is sick so it applied.  But then we went and talked to a guy who they are going to get baptized and I kinda just sat there. Then it rained super hard and that sucked because it flooded and was up to my knees and I didn’t have a change of clothes because it was not my house, so that blew (haha) but it was all good that I got that work in igual.

Friday.... We finished our division and then we were walking home and the zone leader said that we had to cancel our baptism because they didn’t go to church this last week and that was super, super stupid and Elder Gummersalll fought them hard on that.  Then we didn’t do much because we were kinda bummed.  So we went to the Lopez house and played Uno with them for un poco (a little bit) and then we went and got them interviewed and the 3 girls were cleared for baptism. ;) 

Saturday we had to do weekly planning and freaking then we had to invite people to give talks and then make a cake, and then talk to Moroni, and then invited people to the baptism.  It was pretty hectic, but we did it all except the cake – it burned, haha, which was super sad but it was (good) igual.  We got the 3 girls baptized.  I baptized the 13-year-old, Pamela, and Elder Gummersall baptized the 11-year-old and the mom, Romina and Liliana.  Then we went over to the Lopez family and drank mate dulce with them, which is warm sugar milk poured into coconut, and it was super good. Then we went home and slept. Haha

Sunday we had church and that was pretty sick.  We had 68 people in church 5 menos activos (less active members), and then we had a baptism of Moroni.  Then we had to take the clothes to Lopez and then we went to the Hill family after studies and were there for like 2 hours trying to get him on a mission.  Then we went home after we talked to drunk people that tried to hook us up with their 2 friends.  It was super funny. Haha

Monday we played soccer for a couple hours.  I am not very good at soccer, but I scored twice so that was cool.  Then I ate and now I am emailing y’all. ;) 


Okay here are the questions of the week:

1.  What was your most spiritual moment this week? 
When I was bearing my testimony to that one girl who was sick about how you are sick and that it is just a trial from God.  That was super, super sick.

2.  Who was your favorite person this week and why?  
Probably the drunk dad of Eva because he is super funny and says the best stuff, like he got robbed by a ghost in the street – hilarious! 

3.  What was your most exciting moment this week? 
I got 4 baptisms but I rode outside a collectivo (bus). 

4.  What was your most challenging moment this week?  
The zone leaders said that we couldn’t have our baptisms because they didn’t go to church last week. 

5.  What was a moment you had when you knew the Spirit was guiding you?  
When I was teaching a lesson on the division, I spoke really well and she totally understood me, where last week she didn’t. 

6.  If you were a super hero, who would you want to be and why? 
Batman because he is super rich and can get all the ladies. ;) 

7.  What is your favorite color? 

Temple Pictures

 Lopez Baptism

Moroni's Baptism

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