Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29, 2014

Hello Family ...

So basically I don't have much to say to y'all because we talked on Christmas. It was super nice talking to you, it has been forever and it is crazy to think that we only have one Skype call left and then I will be home.. it kinda blows my mind how fast things are going by but I'm enjoying it! :)

But ya on a kinda a sad note.. In this last week I feel like everything has gone super sour with the members and Elder Garner and me.  Right now the members aren't really signing up for meals or helping us with investigators because apparently the members in our ward think that we aren't friendly enough.  (Note from Jon's Mom -- This is very strange because normally everyone loves Jon).  Anyway, it's kind of sad because our ward members live in the other Elder's areas -- we have very strange ward boundaries -- and so we rarely visit them.  This week we were talking to one of them and they said "the other elders visit, why don't y'all visit."  So apparently we aren't the most liked, which is super sad.  Anyway, it is going to be super hard to gain their trust and friendship back, but it's all good -- I'm not scared about getting to know the members better, I am just kind of confused about the whole situation.  I am not sure why all of this happened this week, but it's all good, we are doing fine and feel very optimistic that we can fix this issue. :)

Other then that nothing really changed this week.  We didn't have any investigators in church, but we got the "G" family to come to church which was good because they really like going to church, they are just in the process of understanding the whole "Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy" thing, and were almost going inactive because they go and shop on Sunday and stuff.  We are trying to help them understand, but its super hard because she mainly speaks Guarani and doesn't really understand us.  Sister "G" is such a good person and has such a huge testimony, which is incredible,  Sister "G" even pays her tithing which is really hard for her because she is doesn't have much money at all -- for the most part, people in Paraguay have a hard time paying their tithing because they have so little.  One goal that I am going to set with Sister "G" is to go to the temple, it would be so cool to go to the Temple with them. :)

So I really don't have much to say. Haha.  Elder Frost went home, and that was super weird because I saw him and Elder Singer a lot ... and even before that, I was with Elder Frost and Elder McClelland a lot, so we all got to be pretty close --  and so it's super crazy not to see Elder Frost at church, or in the streets, or on p-day and stuff. 

But yeah, so I don't have anything else to say.  Please tell Nonnie that I said "Happy Birthday", because I totally forgot.  I love her so much! :)  I sure love y'all and hope that you are all doing well.

Love Elder Turley

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