Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015

Hey Y'all --

So this week hasn't really been that cool, so this is going to be a short email.  Basically we went out and worked hard until I got sick -- I think I have a sinus infection.  Today I am feeling a  little bit better although I am still sick, but I am fine, mom. :) 

So usually when I am sick, I go out and work anyway, but this week I felt really yucky and so I decided that I was going to try to get some rest and get feeling better, so my work week wasn't the best.  I am looking forward to this coming week to go out there and get it done. :)

So, yeah, basically all I did this week is paint our Branch President's house, which was interesting. 

We did have a challenge this week as we had to go to F. M.'s house to talk to him about his son.  Let me back up.  I got a call from President McMullin and he said that F.M. is demanding that his son come home from his mission (he is serving a full-time mission here in Paraguay) so that the son can go in-active with the dad.  This is really random, because I have never heard of a person demanding their son come home from his mission (he has been out about a year) and go inactive with him.  It is super apostasy.  So President McMullin told me that he wanted to have a personal interview with F.M. and that he would send his son home after that interview.  So I went to F.M.'s house and told him what President McMullin had said, to which F.M. responded that if the President wanted to talk to him, he could come to Nueland.  He said "I am not going to Asuncion, and if I go there, I will take all my family and we are going to go fighting."  He said "I promise you, if I see the President or a Counselor of the Mission President, I will hit him."  It really was pretty gnarly (intense) and super interesting.  I was kinda confused about it all ... but you know it's just a regular day in the Chaco. :)  Anyway, F.M. went behind the President's back and called his son and convinced him to come home, he will be home tomorrow.  Mockanada ...

So I know this is really not the best email I have ever sent, HaHa, but really nothing happened this week.  Our church attendance is growing, which is a real blessing because we have had so many problems out here.  :)  But other than that I have nothing for you this week.  

I love y'all so much and hope y'all have a great week!

Elder Turley 

Painting the Branch President's House
(You can tell he's sick).

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