Thursday, January 16, 2014

January 16, 2014

Hi Mom, 

It is six in the morning and I am awake and everything, how crazy is that?

My language is coming along pretty well.  Yesterday we went into the city proselyting and we talked to like eight people, and I understand Spanish better then I speak it.  Guess what, I gave out a Book of Mormon and I was speaking Spanish. The investigator had a hard time understanding a couple of the things we said, but for the most part we could talk to him and it was pretty exciting. 

I have had a lot of spiritual experiences this week. One happened yesterday when we were in Buenos Aries. We went to sit down and I felt we shouldn't sit there so we got up and moved to another area, and just then some guy, who was on his break, came up and talked to us.  We tried to give him a Book of Mormon, but he was Catholic and gave it back when we said we didn't worship the Virgin Mary.

Going into Buenos Aries was weird, super non-American.  There is a bunch of trash everywhere, but it was cool to see the city, and I got a lot of Coke so I was happy :) but ya, mom, you wouldn't like it. 

Today we are going to the Temple again. The sessions are in Spanish, so you can understand how confused I was last week since it was only my second time going to the Temple. 

This is my Daily Schedule

Wake up
Get dressed and ready for the day
Personal Study
Companion Study
Language Study
Get ready for bed

So every day at 2:30, we go and play volleyball and handball and so that's pretty fun. It rains a lot here, but it is still hot. On Saturday, is supposed to be like 100 degrees with rain, so that will be awful.  When it rains, it straight down pours, and it is insane.  This week we played handball, which is like ultimate frisby and rugby on the basketbal court with soccer nets, and we played in rain that was pouring so hard it was like Hurricane Katrina, so that was pretty cool. I have fun playing volleyball, and I am doing decent, but not playing like I usually would because I want people to keep playing with me.

I have had a lot of questions and my MTC President knows like every topic and a scripture for every topic and he says he is really grateful that I ask the questions that I ask. Every time I pray I feel like my questions are answered pretty much right away. It is really cool how fast everything works,  Like we were talking about a topic last Sunday and I had a question to ask but I didn't, and my MTC President answered it anyway, even though it was like a super random question, so that was really cool. I got to consecrate an oil vial in front of everyone, so that was pretty cool.

We had some Latino Missionaries leave this week and then we got new ones.  I am going to miss Elder Furtado, he is pretty cool. We won't get new American Missionaries until next week, or maybe in two weeks.  They don't bring new missionaries into the MTC very often, I think new Latinos come in every two weeks and American missionaries every 2-4 weeks.

We speak a lot of Spanglish here in the MTC, and not really non stop because my vocabulary isn't that good, but I am learning a lot of Spanish and I can teach a lesson in Spanish and have basic conversations.

My comp is really cool, we are super happy to be with each other, we are both pretty laid back. My District is like a little family, everyone here is really close.  There are three American Districts and we all chill together because there are like only 20 of us, so its super super small. 

I am eating well. They have a lot of good meat. I have been making deviled eggs a lot. They also have amazing greek yogurt down here. I'm not really sure what is my favorite food here is. I ate cow head this week and that was kinda weird.

Mom, yes, I am writing in my journal and taking pictures.

You asked me to write something in Spanish so here it is:

Mi Nobré es Elder Turley y Mi Madre is Muy Bonita :) y Yo se Que El Libro De Mormón es verdadero y José Smith es un prófeta De Dios Yo se Que Jesus Christo es me Savador Y Mi familia can vive enternidad en cielo. 

I am not the best at writing but that says, my mom is beautiful and the Book of Mormon is true and Joseph Smith is a prophet and that Jesus Christ  is my Savior and that my family can live forever in heaven.  

I love you too, Madre, you are a huge part of my life and I love you and dad a lot. Tell dad I am sorry my email to him was short and show him this one cause I was writing to you for a long time. 

I love you Mother. 

Elder Turley 

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