Sunday, January 5, 2014

January 2, 2014 - I'm in Argentina

So I arrived in Argentina at like 10 and have been pretty busy getting settled in. I love you mother and they wanted me to tell you that p-day is on Thursday and that is when you should email me, and to not send packages here.  I told the MTC President about my night terrors and he read some scriptures and then prayed and said that the door where the spirits are coming from is now closed and that I shouldn't have to worry. I love you guys and can't really say much, but it is like 70 degrees and humid and it is really hot, hopefully things cool down. The lunch was meat and potatoes and fries and hard boiled eggs and it was good so I'm not too worried about that. Let everyone know that I am safe and that I am praying for them.

Love Elder Turley


A couple of nights before Jonathan left, he had a night terror (where he has a very vivid dream and while still asleep acts upon it) and felt like Satan was trying to get to him. He actually jumped out of bed and ran downstairs and held the basement door closed so Satan couldn't get him. Will was able to talk to him through the door and help him wake up and come out of it.  That is what he is talking about when he said he talked to his MTC President about his night terrors. He also talked to the Stake President about them and when he was set apart, the Stake President told him Satan would not be able to get to him as long as he was a righteous missionary. 

As far as the MTC food goes, the MTC in Provo allows you to eat as much as you want, and they have a big selection -- and Jon can put away a lot of food. The MTC in Argentina doesn't allow you to go back for seconds so he was worried he would get enough to eat, but apparently that is not going to be a problem! :)

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