Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014

Hi Family --

I hope you are all well.  I have had a great week.

Monday. We went to a town called San Lorenzo and Elder Gummersall bought some sick (awesome) leather shoes that I think I am going to get before I leave because they will apparently last forever.  Then we went to a South American Museum of Soccer and that was super cool. Apparently Paraguay, Cerro Porteno, isn't that good at soccer and have only won the title a couple times since  the 70's. Then when p-day was over we arrived home and went over to the Lopez house and played Uno. I was eating some Halls throat lozenges and the Lopez' family thought I was eating candy, and so I gave them the rest of them.  Then we had a debate as to whether or not Halls are candy. They eat them like candy down here. Haha. 

 Jon outside the Soccer Museum

 Jon is so funny ... always striking a pose!

CP means Cerro Porteno -- Paraguay's Soccer Team

Tuesday. On Tuesday we walked a lot because all of our appointments fell through,  so nothing really too cool happened. We had district meeting in the morning and then talked to a guy who we think can convert but we aren't sure if he is actually interested which was not too cool.

Wednesday was sick (awesome), we had an amazing lesson with a member, but half way through the lesson she starts breast feeding and that was pretty crazy and we got super thrown off.  The lesson went really well, and the member gave a super dope (amazing) testimony, and they are "nuevos" (new investigators). After, I got to play volleyball in the dirt with one of the people we are teaching, and that was super sick because they don't play very well down here and we are like the "Michael Jordan" of volleyball. They were all saying that I should go pro. Haha

Thursday... Thursday was pretty cool, we didn't have that many things to do but did we watch The Lion King in Spanish and that was super crazy.  I had only seen it in English and it was super gnarly (interesting) because the guy related it to the gospel perfectly.  He said that the conflict that Scar brings is what happens when you have secret combinations, and Rafiki is a Prophet and when Simba was a baby he had a blessing ... It was so cool the way he tied it into the gospel, and it all made sense. 


Friday... Our house lit on fire and it was super crazy because Elder Gummersall thought that I was hiding behind the shower door with matches when really I was kicking it (relaxing) in our room. Our thermostat caught on fire, but we quickly put it out when Elder Gummersall realized it wasn't me playing a joke.  Then our dueno (landlord) brought us ice cream because she felt super bad about it.  Next we went to a lesson and the girl had a monkey who was kicking it (hanging out) in a tree and running around during the whole lesson and that was super distracting. After that we talked to the guy we have been working with, but aren't sure is quite getting it yet.  Then we went to a member's house and apparently her husband doesn't want us teaching her daughters, but we are going to keep trying to work with them because we really think they will get baptized at some point.  Finally, we went to Ariel's house and met with his cousin, and he seems to be excited about the gospel.


Saturday. On Saturday there was a sick (awesome) activity with the youth where they went out and contacted the less actives, and it went over really well.  Then we taught a few lessons.  After that we went to see our recent converts, Ilse and Matias, and then we talked to Ariel's cousin again.  Ariel went on a mission, but came home early because he didn't really like his companion, but he is excited about the gospel and wants all of his family to join.  We think his cousin will for sure join the church, and we are hoping for Ariel's sister and mom, that would be super, super sick (amazing).  Finally we talked to Moroni, and Elder Gummersall is going to baptize him. My companion and I have been very blessed as far as the work goes.  With the current baptisms we think we have, we will have had seven baptisms in three months.  If Ariel's family joins, it will be 12.  I feel like my mission scripture, Alma 26:12, says "Yea, I know that I am nothing. As to my strength, I am weak; therefore, I will not boast of myself but I will boast of my God. For in his strength I can do all things; yea, behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land. For which we will praise his name forever."

Sunday.  Our church on Sunday was really good, we had nine in-actives there and they were all super stoked (excited) to meet us.  After church, we walked around a lot and taught some lessons, but the best part was that we got to talk to Ariel's Uncle, and he committed to be baptized.  It's crazy because he was the dad who didn't let his kids get baptized or go to church because one time a missionary kicked over his glass of wine, so that has been a struggle for him. But we found him very easy to teach, and he seemed to like the things he was hearing, so we are going to keep working with him and get him baptized.

Monday.  Today we went to a Chinese Buffet because we were celebrating a kid's birthday, and it was all you can eat, and so I was able to eat a lot of food. Guess what, they had California Rolls (Jon's favorite).  It was cool.  

Overall this week was pretty sick (awesome) and it was a super, super dope (amazing) and I am so stoked (happy) to be here.

With love --

Elder Turley

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