Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014

Hello Mother, Father, and Friends, 

So I hope you all are doing good.  I am are doing pretty great.  This week was super good and I am super happy to be here. Overall I am doing super good, we had a good week and got a lot done ... I am super stoked about this last week.

We didn't have any investigators in the church but it was super good.  We had a couple menos activos (less actives) so it was super good to have them in church,  they are super good.  One of them is Will, who was super inactive and had like a lot of near death experiences and he knows he need to go to church.  We had a good little moment with him and I told him that he needed to come back to church and that it doesn't matter if he fails, the best thing is to get back up  and his kids will see that. I told him he will give the best example to his kids by helping them know that we aren't perfect, but when we fall we get back up. Our talk helped him and he came to church.  He now knows he needs to be a good example to his children and what he needs to do for them. 

But this week was good we had a lot of success.  We had a division with our Zine Leader and that was super good because i went out and my ZL taught me a couple things about the way I should be training,  and I think it will help me be a better trainer for Elder Garner.

I had a super cool experience, because the day before our division Elder Frost gave me a reference of a lady that was super dope (awesome).  During the division, I was looking for her house but couldn't find her. As we were looking for her house, an old lady called out to us and asked us to come talk to her.  So we walk over to her and she was like "It's been forever since you guys showed up here", turns out this old lady was the woman we were looking for.  When we were talking to her, she told us that she had a voice call out to her and tell her to invite us over.  It was was actually super cool because she had her friend over and her friend was super dope (awesome) too.  I feel good about this woman and  I am pretty sure that she can progress. As far as Ana goes, she is super dope (amazing) it is really good to work with her.  Ana is 11, but is super mature for an 11 year old -- she has gone through a ton.  But she is doing great, and it's all good because her grandma is reactivating, and I know that it's because Ana needs to get baptized. It's kind of a miracle because a ton of people have been working with her grandmother to get her to come to church, but she never did. We are super excited she changed her mind and is coming because now Ana had been able to learn about the church too, and most likely will be baptized.

But overall the week was good, we did some really good things and I really like being here.  Sometimes it's  hard because I love my life at home, but I also love being here and know that I should be here and that there are people that I need to talk to ... people that I need to bring the Gospel to. 

Elder Garner is doing well and I am super glad that I was chosen to be with him as a trainer, he is actually teaching me a ton of things super good things. :) 

Well, I love y'all and I am super stoked to see you just a year and a month.  I am excited to be with y'all and super stoked (excited) to be able to eat real food. Haha 

I love you all!

Elder Turley

P.S.  I will send pictures next week.


Questions of the week: 

1.  Who are your investigators, and an interesting moment, spiritual, funny, etc' with each of them. 

Our investigators that we are getting ready for baptism are.. 

Anna Aquino. When we gave her a blessing and that was pretty spiritual ... It my first blessing in Spanish! 

And Pabalina Benitez -- she is super dope (awesome) and I know the things that are going to work out for her. 

2.  Your most spiritual moment of the week?

 Teaching the one lady we found after the one lady called us over.

3. Your funniest moment of the week?
I have a lot of funny moments haha.  It was probably when Elder Singer and I were talking about how if we are walking around in normal clothes people don't know if we are missionaries, and as soon as we said that someone called out "Elders Hola."   Super funny Haha 

4.  Your toughest moment of the week?

When our investigator, Pablina, said that she is now working on Sunday's, so we can't baptize her.. but we are working with her and trying to get her to change get schedule.

5.  A time when you felt you were being guided by the Spirit?
The woman that called us over to her house.  

6.   Who is your favorite person this week? Why?

Probably Elder Singer, he is just a cool guy.

7.  What is an interesting story about the weather from this week?
Well it is like super rainy and then it is like super hot.

8.  What was your favorite thing you ate this week?
A Lomitio, I eat a lot of them -- they are kinda like burritos.

9.  What was the worst food you ate this week?
Some ratchet (yucky) rice that wasn't cooked and was like a soup with a lot of oil.  It was super nasty.

10.  What is your favorite vacation you have been on? 
 I really liked New York!

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