Saturday, January 3, 2015

January 3, 2015

On January 3rd, Nancy Hall received the following email from Sister McMullin with the following pictures:

I just wanted to thank all the missionary moms so much for all of their help with the suitcases full of supplies for our missionaries! We were so excited to stock the closets in my office with so many things! Today we sent an email telling all of the missionaries what there is to offer for those serving IN our mission who need it, but would have trouble buying it here or receiving it from home. This will mean a great deal to several of them who come from poor circumstances and have been excitedly waiting for this. After a couple of months, we will make it available to future missionaries leaving FROM our mission who need a little help. 

We told the missionaries that they can offer the reading glasses to any of their investigators or less-active members who are making serious steps toward making and keeping their commitments, but are struggling to read the Book of Mormon. We will have the glasses at zone training meetings to offer to progressing investigators and less-active members to come to try them on.

We were so impressed, and overwhelmed, with all you were able to gather and send because of the collaboration of Moms. We were truly touched by the support we felt from so many missionary families. 

Hope you will enjoy seeing a few pictures. I apologize that this letter is a little late but I just wanted to include a picture of our grateful missionary leadership because several of them are your sons. Also, several missionaries have already come into the office today. I want you to see their happy faces. It feels like Christmas all over again.

With love and appreciation,

Hna. Pam McMullin

On January 3rd, I, too, received an email from Hermana McMullin:

Hi Sis. Turley ~

I just wanted to thank you for your kind Christmas card and for all of your help with the suitcases full of supplies for our missionaries.  I really enjoyed getting to know Elder Turley's family through the Christmas letter and family picture, and we were so excited to stock the closets in my office with so many needed things.  I always enjoy getting to see Elder Turley when he passes through the office.  He has a wonderful, ready smile and he seems happy in the missionary work.

May you and your wonderful family be truly blessed in the coming year for all of your kindness and faith.

Hna. Pam McMullin

I loved receiving Hermana McMullin's email and learning that she personally knows and cares about my son!!!  I feel so blessed that Jonathan is serving in this amazing mission, and under the inspired direction President and Hermana McMullin!

It really was such an amazing thing to be a part of such a wonderful Christmas Project.  I so love the people of Paraguay!!!

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