Tuesday, January 6, 2015

January 5, 2015

Hi Y'all --

How are y'all doing?  I am doing well.  I have had a good p-day.  We went to a Brazilian BBQ today.  It was kind of expensive but was so delicious.  I even ate chicken hearts.They had the best cinnamon sugar grilled pineapple. I remember when we use to make brown sugar grilled pineapple, but you guys really should try the cinnamon sugar version. It's amazing.  

So basically this week was pretty average, we went out and did our visits and they paid off and we were very excited to have eight menos activos (less actives) in church yesterday!!!
But this week was also pretty exciting because we had the "Ano Nuevo -- New Year".   

The Ano Nuevo had two meanings for me -- one was it is a new year which means it was officially my one year mark in the mission which is pretty cool because it went by super quick, and it's crazy to think that in one year I will be home.  It's super weird to think about, but it goes by super quick and I shall be home super quickly. 

Number two, it was a good week because it was a celebration of the new year!   New Year's Eve we had a dinner with the bishop and that was pretty fun. It's kind of hard right now because we don't really have any citas (meals) planned with the members for the new year, so our bishop invited us to dinner for New Year's Eve.  That was super cool because he got to know us a little bit better.  As I mentioned last week, we live a ways away from our Ward -- there are other Elders who live closer to the area and see our Ward members more than we do -- and so the members don't know us very well, which has made them think we aren't very good missionaries.   Dinner with the bishop was really good.  It turns out that his dad is menos activo (less active) and we shared a lesson with him and then challenged him to come to church and to read the Book of Mormon every day. I think that we left a good impression with our bishop and that was super good!   But ya I have a couple of photos from that dinner -- it was super fun. ;) 

After dinner, we went to Elder Singer's house and had a New Year Sleepover with him, Elder Ballard, and Elder Smith.  It was super fun.  We were able to listen to all of the fireworks going on outside and we played games and had a super fun night. 

Our district leader is now Elder Ballard and he gave a good district meeting on goals, and how we want to have our missions turn out well so we need to set goals.  It was super good,  and it made me think a lot about what I need to do to have a good mission. :)   It was really nice to think about especially since it is a new year. 

Other than that the cleaning lady came to our house this week and cleaned it super, super well. And yeah, I am doing well and know that i need to be here and to be doing the things that I am doing to help bring happiness to the world. ;)  

I love y'all and hope that y'all are happy! ;)

Elder Turley


Note from Jon's mom -- Elder Garner, Jon's companion, had a very different version of the "cleaning lady."  Here is his version:

The other different thing that happened this week was that the mission cleaning lady came.  So the mission pays an Hermana to come around and clean the houses of the elders and make sure that they aren't destroying them.  And so I´m like ´Awesome, we get to have a super clean house now´- because I mean our house wasn't super dirty, but it would've been nice to have a deep clean.  Anyways, apparently the term "cleaning lady" has a different meaning here than in the states.  Basically her job is to come and supervise us as we do ALL the cleaning.  All I´m saying is that the church could be saving a lot of money because that lady didn't do anything.  I was disappointed.  But it's all good because now our house is super clean so I guess it all worked out.


New Year's Eve Dinner at Bishop Medina's Home 
Photos Courtesy of Bishop Medina

Jon and Justin's Apartment after the "Cleaning Lady" visited!

This picture is courtesy of the "Selfie Stick" that Elder Garner's mom bought Elder Garner for Christmas --  Super Cool!!!

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