Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015

Hey family how are you doing? 

So the mission had changes and I have been assigned to stay in my area with Elder Paniafo. He is an Elder who is a little bit younger then I am in the mission, and he is from Peru. So yeah basically it has been a little hectic this week trying to get to Asuncion and back and that is like hours and hours of travel (I feel like I am always traveling here), so that took up my Tuesday and Wednesday.

It's a little crazy because now I am in charge of thinking  everything out, like where to go and how to get there. On Wednesday I had to figure out where the collectivo was going to drop us off and how to get home and everything, it gets crazy! 

So Thursday we got home to Neuland and I basically went out and showed my new companion our area.  As we were out and talking to some of the members, many of them made excuses as to why they weren't coming to church, such as they didn't  come because they thought my last companion, didn't like them because they were Neviclay and he was German, which is really funny because he really liked the people.  

When I first came to Neuland, my companion, Elder Burger told me that the people like to make excuses and also that they really like to gossip about everyone else.  Right now the big gossip that is going around is that the Primary President is a prostitute because she isn't married, but has a child. Talk about fetching apostasy. It really is ridiculous out here as far as gossip and rumors go. 

Sunday we had 15 people at church.  We are trying really hard to work with the in-actives.  The 15 people who came to church are really solid and are excited to learn, so we excited about that.

So it is my birthday week and I am stoked to be 21.   I may have a baptism this week, it all depends if we can teach her all she needs to know before being baptized.  If we don't get all the lessons in this week, her baptism will be next week.  Si oh si.

We are doing good work out here.  I was only in my area like two to three days this week so there is nothing to really say.  I know there is a lot to be done out here in the Chaco and it is going to be crazy, but I know that I am supposed to be here.  It's really important to have a lot of patience serving out here, but it's all good because patience is something I have definitely been blessed with.  But yeah, all is good and I am very grateful to be here. :)

Here are the questions ...

1. Tell me all about changes, did you get a new comp? 
What is his name? Elder Panifo  
Where is he from? Peru  

2.  Who all is in the Chaco now?
Myself and Elder Panifk
Elder Kenechelo and Elder Torres
Elder Luke and Elder Medina 

3.  Who are your investigators?
Right now we are working with E. V.  He is set for baptism on the 14th, so hopefully that will happen.  Mirna Martinez is the girl who is hopefully getting baptized next week.  

4.  What was your happiest moment from this week? Eating Burger King in Asuncion

5.  Craziest moment from this week? The people calling the Primary President a prostitute.

6.  Most spiritual moment from this week? We had a good lesson with the Primary President.  The Spirit was really strong. 

7.  Most difficult moment from this week? Just all the excuses the people have.

8.  Do you have any plans for your birthday? No, I might make a cake or something 

9.  Did you love your packages? Yes I did, Mother.

10.  What was your favorite thing you received in your packages?  You can list more than one thing if you want. I was really stoked for all of it, especially the Mios.

11.  What did you think of the ties? I loved them a couple of them got dirty, from the rain and candy canes but i am going to wash them.

Will you please take a picture with each tie so that we can give it to the person who's tie you are wearing?

12.  Do you have any pictures for me?  I loved all your pictures from last week!
No pictures this week. 

14.  Did you receive any birthday emails? 
Yes, I got lots of them.  All the family wrote to me, and I got lots of emails from the missionary moms.

15.  How is your health doing?
 I'm doing good. I had a sore throat last week but now I am good. 


16.  What can we pray about for you? That I can have the wisdom and strength to grow the branch.

 17.  Do you know how much I love you? :) I love you too, mom.

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