Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9, 2015

Hey y'all, so this week was a stressful one, haha, well kinda. ;)

So Monday we were in Abundancia for a little bit and that was interesting... Our District Leader just changed to Elder Torres, my old comp, and he is very "letter of the law," and I am more "spirit of the law," so it's a bit interesting. So we planned to play soccer, and Elder Torres said we could play until 9, but then they didn't even come out to the field until 8:45.  But we still played and actually ended up playing until 9:30.  It was nice to be able to do something physical because there are so few opportunities.  And it all worked out fine that we played until 9:30, because we still went to sleep at 10:30.  

Tuesday we pretty much spent the whole day just kinda chilling because we needed some guy to take us home, and we eventually got home at like 8 at night and by then the day was over. 

Wednesday we went out and visited a lot of the members, and they told us how bad of missionaries we are and that the reason our Branch doesn't function is because we, as missionaries, are racist ... and it is just getting old.  So I talked to them and said the reason the Branch isn't function is because the members and leaders will have a disagreement and their way of dealing with it is to stop going to church.  Consequently, we can't have success because the leaders and members aren't coming to the church because they don't like someone in the church.

Also, the members think that the church is there to give them money, and if they aren't receiving donations and money from the church, the church isn't true.  Their thinking is that the scriptures say that we need to be helping the poor, but what has happened in the past is that when the church has given the members money, they use it to gamble and play sports, and the church isn't willing to give them money to do that.  Yes, the scriptures says that we are supposed to help the poor, but they also say that we are supposed to go to church, and love one another, and pay tithing, and be obedient to the commandments, which the people aren't doing.  So, therefore, like it says in D&C 82, if we do what God wants we will be blessed, but if we don't do what God wants we have no promise.  It's kind of hard with the members, I know that I really need to work with them on Faith and Hope, and help them to understand that God works in His time and not theirs.

Thursday we did divisions to have our baptism interview and that went well.  We went out and visited a couple of people and then Mirna had her interview.  I was worried that Mirna would forget about her interview and not be home when we got there, and we were blessed because as we got there she was just leaving, but we got her to stay so that she could have her interview and the baptism could move forward.  :)  So that was super good, and she passed with no problems.  I could tell it was a little hard for Elder Torres because she and her family don't speak the best Spanish, but she has a really strong testimony and Elder Torres could feel that.  :)

Friday we had to do some stuff like clean the baptismal font, so we go to clean it out and it turns out there was no water.  So I called the owner of the building and he said he has put 5,000 liters of water in the font and that the missionaries just waste it, we missionaries are always getting blamed for something.  Anyway, I was a little worried that the font wouldn't get filled for the baptism, but as it turns out, the building owner got the water ready and we were able to fill it. 


Saturday. I had an audit for the branch and that took a while, but we were able to get everything closed up which is really positive for the branch president. Then we ate then got everything ready for the baptism.  So we get to the church at 5, and we waited and a couple of people showed up, but not Mirna (the girl getting baptized).  So we went over to her house at like 6 and asked her why she wasn't at the church, and her response was basically "Oh that was today."  Haha.  How does someone forget about their baptism? :)  But things came together and Mirna was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


Sunday (Jon's 21st birthday) we went to church and there was another fight between the counselor of the mission and a member who was angry because he wasn't getting any donations.  It never ends. 

So yeah, other than that, it rained super hard and was really breezy.  It was really a random birthday, but it's igual no mas. :)   The highlight of my birthday was that I got to confirm Mirna, so that was super cool.  Sunday night (last night), we went to Filadelphia to be here for p-day. 

So yeah, the week was super stressful with the audit and the stress with the baptismal font and Mirna not showing up for her baptism and the members fighting us on everything -- overall it was a pretty interesting week. ;) 

Questions of the Week:

1.  Did you do anything special for your birthday? 
Not really .. there is nothing to do out here.. 

1a.  Did you have your baptism this week? 
Yes, it almost didn't happen, but I fought for it and it did, so it's all good. :) 

2.  How are your investigators doing?  Who are your investigators?
RIght now we are working on baptizing E.V.  He is like 35 and is super cool.  The hard thing is that he is starting to work a long ways from Neuland, so having lessons with him is getting more difficult. 

3.  What was your happiest moment from this past week? 
That Mirna was baptized. 

4.  What was your craziest moment from this past week? 
Everything that went wrong for the baptism

5.  Most spiritual moment?
We were having a lesson with our Branch President and the Spirit was there so strongly, it was really cool. :) 

6.  Hardest moment?
That the members seem to hate us missionaries. 

7.  What can we pray about for you? 
That the people will love one another 

8.  How is your health? 
I'm doing fine health wise

9.  What was your favorite thing you ate this past week?
 I don't know we pretty much eat the same thing every day ... probably a lomito 

10.  Do you have any pictures for me??? 
I have already sent them

Cleaning the Baptismal Font

Mirna's Baptism

Life is good here in the Chaco

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