Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March 23, 2015

Hey family how are you doing?

So this week was pretty normal.  :)   So basically the weeks go by here super, super quickly, mainly because we are always traveling. Sunday night we left to go to Pariaso and then to Abundancia where we had our p-day and our district meeting.  After district meeting, we were waiting for our neighbor to take us back to Neuland, but after a few hours of waiting, the neighbor told us that he wasn't going to be able to take us and we were going to have to walk.  After some convincing by me, he decided to take us to the next town where there would be a bus to take us home ... turns out though that the bus didn't exist, and so we got stuck in the next town.  So, after a ton of walking we decided that we would hitch hike to the Ruta and wait for another bus that was to come at 9.  So we get on the 9:00 bus but it only took us to Filadelphia.  So we camped out at the Elder's house in Filadelphia Tuesday night.  

Wednesday morning there was a bus to Neuland at 11:30, and so we headed to the bus, but my companion was having a difficult time walking and needed to eat, and he thought we had time, but I was getting nervous ... I did not want to miss the bus to get us home.  So we did stop to eat, and then we walked to the bus stop just before 11:30 and we ask the people standing there about the bus to Neuland, and they tell us that it had just left.  So we ran to Centro, another stop on the route, and we were able to get on the bus and return to Neuland, but it was quite an ordeal -- it took us two days to get home.  Haha 

So ya this week was just like any normal week. We worked with the same people as usual.  We passed by the house of our investigator, E.V., like four times, but he was never there, which is kind of sad because we are really hopeful that he will progress, but we will keep trying.  We also have been working a lot with our Primary President.  So I need to clarify something, she isn't a lesbian, but somehow a rumor got started that she is a lesbian and so people think she is a lesbian and are a little leary of her.  Anyway, sorry for the confusion about that. ;) 

So it turns out that while we were working with the Primary President, she told us that she did want to go to church last week, but her brother -- the Branch President -- told her that she shouldn't go.   So here's what actually happened ... The Primary President woke up a little bit late for church, and her family was already leaving, and so she told them that she was going to get ready really quickly and to wait a moment for her.  Unfortunately, her brother -- the Branch President -- told her that church is like school, and if you are late, it's better off to just not go because it is bad manners to show up late to church.  :)  We explained to her that this wasn't the case at all and that everyone should always go to church, even if they wake up late, so that was good to clarify with her, and she did come to church on Sunday, and not only did she come but she brought her cousin who is an investigator, which is super cool!  The Primary President is really cool, she is just super shy around us ... I am sure because I am super good looking ...  Haha.  But yeah, things are going well with her. :)

But yeah, so all is good.  We seem to have such crazy problems here, and it can get frustrating because the members do some "interesting" stuff.  This week, there was a husband and wife who were fighting, they just don't get that you need to be willing to work with your spouse and put others first, they like to play the blame game.  Anyway, the couple asked my companion and I for advice, and it's super crazy because I'm only 21 and I don't have any experience as far as relationships go ... the only real relationship I have had was with Jenna, and that relationship certainly didn't help me to be the best relationship advice coach. Haha. :)  But I just did my best and followed the Spirit and said the things that I was inspired to say, so it's all good.  So yeah, nothing is really new, just the same ole, same ole out here in the Chaco. :)

So I do have one funny story, so last night I was sitting on Elder Luke's bed and all of a sudden it broke -- ahha, so it turns out that maybe I am gaining a little weight. Haha.  BUT ... the funny thing about this is that we thought we fixed the problem by putting a broom stick underneath it to balance it out, and it was working well until I stood up to get off of the bed and the broom stick broke.  So yeah, it turns out that I broke Elder Luke's bed ... twice.  Haha.  It was pretty crazy, but it was super funny. :) 

But yeah, I love you all so much and hope that all is going well with all of you. :) 

Love Elder Turley 

Questions of the Week:

1.  Tell us about the weather in the Chaco, what would you compare it to? Is it humid, dry? 
It's hot and dry like Arizona 

2.  Do the mesh garments help with the heat?
Yeah, they help, but they are super big though. Haha. 

3.  Do you use the wet cloths? Do you need anymore? 
Yes, I use them, and no I don't need anymore, I am fine for right now.  

4.  Have you received our latest package -- your birthday package? Please ALWAYS take a picture of the packages you receive and send it to us.
I haven't gotten it yet. 

5.  Do you have any pictures for us?
Just one picture of us hitch hiking, that's the way we get around out here. 

6.  Who are your investigators?
Right now we are really trying to work with E.V. and are hopeful for him. 

6a.  Who is your favorite person from this week and why?
Julie, the Primary President, she cut my hair.

7.  What was your most spiritual moment this week?
I was having a hard time and thought of a scripture in D&C that I needed in that moment. 
8.  What was your craziest moment this week? 
Trying to catch the bus. 

9.  What was your happiest moment this week?
Seeing Julie, our Primary President, in the chapel.

10.  What was your hardest moment this week? 
Just that the people want us to solve their relationship problems.  That's kind of been a struggle.

11.  What was your funniest moment from this week? 
Breaking Elder Luke's bed -- twice.

12.  Do you have a favorite scripture from this week? 
I really like the scripture that came to me when I needed it.  

D&C 6:22-23. 
22 Verily, verily, say unto you, if you desire further witness, cast your mind upon the night that you cried unto
 me in your heart, that you might know concerning the truth of these things.
 23 Did not speak peace to your mind concerning the matter? What greater witness can you have than from God?

13.  Do you know that you make me happy, that you have always made me happy?  Here is a quote about the way I feel.  "When they slipped you into my arms 21 years ago, you slipped into my heart!" 
Thanks mother, I know I mean a lot to you. :) You mean a lot to me too.

Hitch Hiking -- Our form of transportation in the Chaco

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