Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015

Hey what's up?
So life is good but this week was kind of a little bit hectic. We didn't get back to our area until Thursday because we went to Filadelphia to email and send our reports and stuff, and then we went to Abundancia to have our District Meeting.  Our District Meeting was super funny because our DL is super strict and apparently he didn't like the fact that Elder Luke and I wanted to have some good old missionary fun and so we switched their closets in the middle of the night while they were sleeping.  He specifically asked Elder Luke and I how we thought we were doing as far as obedience goes, and we told him that we are doing great and working hard, we just like to have fun and like to keep things interesting too.  Anyway, it was super funny, maybe you had to be there. ;)

After District Meeting, we had Zone Meeting and interviews.  It was great to talk to President McMullin and to tell him about some issues we were having in Neuland.  We still haven't received our computer. President McMullin then made a couple of phone calls and things started getting fixed!  It was super cool!  Haha! So good news, we should receive the computer in the next couple of weeks, and if we don't, President is going to "drop some fat Cain" on some people.
This week we were able to visit a lot of people, and it's been super cool because we have been having a lot of success with contacting families that the Branch President has given us.  It has been super amazing! I have been super motivated to give all of myself to my last four transfers.  It's going to be super hard, but I can already see the fruits of the work that I have been putting in.  

So yeah, this week was super cool ... Amazing!  We were able to commit Adolfo and Daisy to baptism and that was exciting.  They committed to baptism the first time we met with them, and they have come to church two times.   Their baptisms are set for the 26th.  Aldofo and Daisy have really liked church meetings.  For class this week we were talked about the First Vision and they really felt the Spirit! It was really an amazing lesson! ;)

I have been reading my P. Blessing and it talks about how I will have success as I serve people, so I have made a goal to do as much service as I can. It is cool because I have read my blessing many times, but this time that part really stood out to me and so I have been trying to put a lot of focus in service.  Yesterday after a lesson, we saw a lady cutting down a tree for firewood and so we went over and I cut the last couple of branches and then we carried the firewood to her house.  After we had served her, we were able to teach her a lesson.  There are so many activities that we can do to find new people to teach, and I am super excited for the opportunity to serve!

Well family, life really is good.  I sure love y'all and hope you have a good week!

Elder Turley 

1.  What was your happiest moment this week? 
Just finding the people and being able to put dates with them to be baptized

2.  What was your hardest moment this week? 
The missionary that just came home early has started drinking.

3.  What was your spiritual moment of the week? 
We had a good lesson with Julie, our Primary President, that was super cool.  Julie saw her baptism photo and she started crying, she really felt the Spirit.  She really is so great and is so committed to be doing the things that she needs to be doing. 
4.  What was your funniest moment of the week?
 I gave one of the CTR rings to a lady and she thought I was proposing to her. Haha!  Also, I took a tick out of a dog during a lesson and it exploded all over one of our members from Abundancia.

5.  Did you get our package?
Yes. Thanks for the CTR rings.  We have been visiting less actives and talking to them about making better choices.  Then at the end of the lesson, we have been giving them the rings

6.  How many people were in church? 

7.  Who are your investigators? 
Adolfo and Daisy.  They are going to be baptized on the 26th of this month.  

8.  Who is your favorite person this week? 
Julie Alvarez, she is super cool and is getting a lot better with her conversion.  She was wearing her CTR ring when she came to church this week!

9.  Did you eat any crazy food this week?  What was your favorite meal?
 I didn't eat anything too cool.  We make all of our own food and it's nothing too cool.

10.  Do you know I love you more than life itself?  Yes mother, I do.

 Jon received his Package -- Yeah!!!

Jon asked for cookie mix so he could make some cookies!!!
(I am a little disturbed by the uncleanliness of the cookie sheet. Haha)


 It's Winter in Paraguay
and raining in the Chaco!!!

Jon and his companion found a fun pond ... Really???
I am so thankful he didn't fall in!!!

Jon and Elder Luke having some
good old Chaco fun!!!


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