Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014

Hello Family --

So I don't know much about this week, because it went super fast. It was all pretty much focused on our baptisms, and it turns out we were only able to baptize four of the five.  One of the girls is having trouble with her boyfriend, but we are hopeful.  Next change should be good and we have set the goal for three baptisms. I am happy to be in this area where such great things are happening. 

Other than the baptisms, life is super good.  I am doing good, I am happy to be here and know that this is the mission I need to be in.  I know the Lord has put me here for a reason and that I need to be working every day as hard as I can.  I am here to change lives and I am working hard to do it.


I love that I am here and I know the church is true. This week has gone by incredibly fast so there isn't much more to say.  I love y'all and I am so thankful for the support that I have from all of you and know you are all doing the greatest job that you can do.  I am always praying for y'all and know that at times we pass through some bad things in life, but like it says in Ether 12:27, we all have weaknesses and if we humble ourselves in front of God, we will be able to overcome these challenges and these weak things will become strong.  Also, if we have patience, we will be able to accomplish all the things we need to do.

But ya, the baptisms went really well -- I personally was able to baptize Liz, Carina, and Mariella Ortiz.  I believe next week we will have the opportunity of baptizing their sister, so that would be wonderful. :)

Y'all are amazing, I love you. :)

Elder Turley

Pictures from Baptism October 11, 2014

The Gospel is growing in Paraguay!  
(Only four of these baptisms were Jon's)!

Such a wonderful picture!

Jon personally baptized these three wonderful people!

 P-day Fun

 This adorable girl, Hermana Fardos, is actually one of Jon's "Cousins".  Her mom's Uncle is my late Uncle Paul, Jon's Aunt is my late Aunt Susan! Uncle Paul and Aunt Susan were so much fun, but, unfortunately, they both passed away in a horrible car accident when they were only in their 20's.

Elder Turley and Hermana Fardos live just a couple of hours apart in California, but met in Paraguay, where they are both serving missions!

The missionaries work so hard, it is nice to see them relaxing and having fun ...
at the Cyber on p-day!

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