Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014

Hello family how are y'all doing? 

So this week was a good one, it went by really really quickly. There were a bunch of really good things that happened, and a bunch of random, little bit stressful things ya know. First off the people who we are going to baptize on the 11th, one of their daughters is living with her "baby daddy" and she  needs to either get married or have him move out if she wants to get baptized. But the good thing is is that she, and all her family, came to general conference.  They all seem super excited to be baptized this week, so I hope there isn't a problem or we are going to have to put back the date another week or until she can fix this problem.

But other then that the week was really good.  I enjoyed general conference I got some really good notes and was able to learn about how the choices we make now are affecting our future children and grandchildren, and how "decisions decide destiny" ... Overall,  I felt Like the first day was based a lot on that, if we make bad choices we need to live with them and not just try and justify them to make ourselves feel better. One thing that hit me and a lot of the missionaries is how one of the speakers "dropped Cain" (spoke strongly) on how we are letting down God if we know an Elder is doing the wrong thing, but we don't say anything to our President.  It will be interesting to know how much stuff gets told to the Mission President today in the weekly email that we write him. Haha.

But other then that I learned that we need to follow the only living prophet in the world.  To me it seems the way they were emphasizing that, something gnarly (intense) is gonna go down and a lot of LDS people are going to have a problem with it, and when this happens we will need to trust in The Lord, and in his prophets, so that we can follow His will, even if we have a problem with it. I have actually been thinking about the lost books a lot lately because one of our "members" is reading the "Sealed Ultimate Testimony of Jesus Christ," and tried to tell us about it. Luckily I knew the scripture in 2nd Nephi 29 that says that we will see the books of the other Tribes of Israel, so that means we will view many, and not just one, so the book he's reading isn't the "ultimate testimony of Christ",  it's a lie. But I was actually thinking about this topic before. I was thinking about how much gossiping and how many problems the church is going to have when they reveal those books -- I feel like a lot of people are going to doubt the church more and more. But if we follow the prophet, we aren't going to have that problem, we are just going to accept that it's Christ's will and know that what the prophets are doing and telling us is true. In this aspect, it is of grand importance that we know the prophets are really "prophets of God" and that their will is not of man, but of God. 

But overall it was a good week,  we were able to view progress in our area and we are looking to find people for November that we will be able to commit to take the "first saving ordinance" of the restored gospel through their baptismal convenio (covenant). 

But to answer Brownie's question, I can think in Spanish at this point, and I don't have to think about translating things anymore.  I can just kinda speak and it just comes out normally now. One weird thing from this week is that as I was saying something in English, I had to translate it in my head from Spanish to English.  That was a super weird experience. 

But ya I am doing fine we are doing well. Yesterday I had a problem with my comp (his comp is not actually a "missionary" but is just a boy from his Ward who is with him until transfers in two weeks). Anyway, we had to walk home from General Conference because we missed our bus, and we walked an hour, and apparently that's my fault and so he is super mad at me. Sometimes it's weird to think that I am 20 and he is 18, but the amount of maturity that I have on him is giant -- like I never knew how much one's maturity level changes from 18-20 until these past couple days. But no worries, it's all good and I'm being patient. I am only gonna be with my comp until the 22, only two more weeks or so, so that's good. 

I love y'all, and thank y'all for the support that you give me and for the support I have from all my family and friends.

Yo se que la iglesia de Jesucristo esta restaurado y que la profeta Thomas S Monson es llamado de dios para ser nuestro guía en este época en tiempo. Se qué Jesucristo vive que el esta en frente de nuestro iglesia y que el va Revelar su voluntad a través su propuesta como dice in el libro de amos 3:7 que no hará nada Jehová sin que revele sus secretos a sus siervos los profetas. Se qué este es cierto que hoy in día es necesario que tengamos una profeta y necesitamos seguir a el. Y por las personas quien no sabe sí esté es la iglesia verdadera, si José Smith fue una profeta, y si el libro de mormón es la palabra de dios. Te doy la oportunidad a leer, y meditar, y orar sobre estés cosa y testifico que por medio del Espíritu Santo te vas a saber que toda de estés cosas son cierto. Y que usted pueda tener un testimonio fuerte como yo tengo si haga estés cosas. Yo amo el señor y su evangelio y se que sólo por medio este evangelio podemos ser familias para la eternidad y este es el mejor don que podemos tener.

Yo amo a mi familia y se que dios esta bendiciendo a cada uno de ustedes. Te invito a siempre tener una oración en su corazón. Como nuestro padre siempre me ha dicho. Les amo y se que voy a verles en un tiempo corto:)


Translation by Mom thanks to Google Translate:

I know that the Church of Jesus Christ is restored and that the Prophet,Thomas S. Monson, is called of God to be our guide in this time period.  That Jesus Christ lives in front of our church and that he will reveal his will through his prophets as in the book of Amos 3:7 which says that the Lord does nothing without revealing his secret to his servants the prophets. This is true in this day that we have a prophet and we need to follow him.  And to the people who don't know if the church is true, if Joseph Smith is a prophet, and if the Book of Mormon is the word of God,Why this is true is that in day to day I must have a prophet and the need to follow . And people who do not know each other is the true church if Joseph Smith was a prophet, and the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I give you the opportunity to read, meditate, and pray about these things, and I testify that through the Holy Spirit you will know that all of these things are true. And you may have a strong testimony as I do. I love the Lord and His Gospel and know that only through this gospel can we be families for eternity. 

 I love my family and that God is blessing each of you.  I invite you to always have a prayer in your heart, as our father has always told me . I love you and I'll see you in a short time :)

Con mucho amor 
Tu hijo y hermano (favorito)

Elder Turley

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