Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014

Note from Jon's Mom -- I am on the Facebook page "Mission Moms of the Paraguay Asuncion North Mission".  I love this page and love the other moms I have come to know.  One of the moms in particular is Anne Fillmore Garner.  Her son just finished up his time in the Argentina CCM and arrived in the mission this week.  I was secretly hoping that Jon might end up being his companion, but I knew this was a very long shot.  You can only imagine how happy I was when she posted the picture below!!!  Jon had five companions last transfer, so I am so excited for him and believe this will be a much calmer and more fun transfer for him ... and doesn't he look so wonderful?  I see the Spirit radiating from all four of these wonderful people, what a blessing it is for Jon to be serving a mission!

It's official...wait no longer...Justin has a trainer...recognize him? I'm a very happy mom.

Hello family --

So this week has been a good one.  Elder Aquino and I worked super hard, and had some great results and then we got changes (transfers).  I wasn't really expecting a change -- I had four companions last transfer and then got put with Elder Aquino, so I thought we might be together for a bit, but then found out I would be training this transfer.  So this change was a good surprise.  I enjoy training so it's a good change of pace.  My companion's name is Elder Garner.  He is a chill (cool) kid from Arizona and we get along super well.  I am pretty sure his Spanish is better than mine was when I started, so that's good. :)

So yeah, this week was good.  We went out and did our thing.  We set three dates for baptisms -- actually this week was amazing ... like super good!  We also worked with Pablina this week, and are hoping she will get baptized soon.  We went over to the house of Gregoria yesterday, and she told us that Pablina's boyfriend left so she can get baptized now, and she also told us that her other son wants to get baptized too, so we should definitely have two baptisms in November, which is my goal.  We also worked with a menos activo (less active) family on coming to church.  They told us they have just been lazy, but have been waiting for the missionaries to come over and call them out, which we did.  I have met a lot of cool people here in this area and feel really positive about what is going to happen in this area -- it shall be super good ;) 

But yeah, everything is going good.  We are working hard, and I know the Lord will bless us for working so hard. I also have no doubt that the Lord loves his missionaries. :)  I know that I am here for a reason and that I am here to help the people in Paraguay that need me. I know that a lot of lives will be changed, especially my own. :)  The good life is good, and the mission is definitely the best two years of my life! :)

Oh and Dad I love that talk that you quoted by Jeffery Holland, it is a super good talk. I have all of Elder Holland's talks downloaded and I listen to them all the time, they are all super good. :)

But I love y'all and hope you guys have a good week. ;) 

Elder Turley

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